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Operating the FRINX ODL Distribution

After running for the first time and generating a local license file, you no longer need to provide a token when starting karaf.

This page describes how you can operate the Frinx ODL distribution in different modes. The commands have been tested in CentOS, Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Note: Frinx ODL needs approximately 3 minutes to startup and shutdown.

To maintain system integrity, please do not interrupt the startup and shutdown processes within this time.

In the event of interruption, the initial state can be restored by entering the following commands from a terminal within your Frinx ODL main directory.

First command forcibly kills the Frinx ODL karaf process
Second command cleans certain directories:

kill -9 $(pgrep  -o -f  karaf)
rm  -rf  data/ snapshots/ journal/

Operating in ‘regular’ mode (karaf in the foreground, with console)


In your Frinx ODL Distribution directory, for example /home/username/distribution-karaf-3.1.0.frinx, type



To stop from within the karaf console there are three options:

  1. Hold the ‘CTRL’ key and press the ‘d’ key
  2. Type:
  3. Type:

    When prompted to confirm, type ‘yes’.

Operating in the background


In your Frinx ODL Distribution directory, for example /home/username/distribution-karaf-3.1.0.frinx, type


This starts the Frinx ODL karaf process.

Confirming karaf is running



Connecting to the background process



By default, client tries to connect on localhost, on port 8101 (the default Apache Karaf SSH port).
Client accepts different options to let you connect on a remote Apache Karaf instance.

You can use --help command to get details about these options.

or use command below

    ssh karaf@localhost -p 8101

Password: karaf

This connection can be local or remote.

When connected to the background process, you can logout (this closes only the ./bin/client process, but not the FRINX ODL server) by typing


When connected to the background process, you can shutdown the FRINX ODL server by typing





Operating in ‘server’ mode (karaf in the foreground, without the console)


Start in your FRINX ODL Distribution directory,
for example /home/username/distribution-karaf-3.1.0.frinx,

    ./bin/karaf server &

Confirming karaf is running



Stopping the background process

With karaf running in the background (from using ./bin/start), stop it from within a terminal by typing


Resetting FRINX ODL to a clean state

The ODL distribution directory example: /home/username/distribution-karaf-3.1.0.frinx

To ‘reset’ your distribution to a clean state and to delete any features previously installed, within your FRINX ODL distribution directory
use the following command:

    rm -rf data/ cache/ journal/ snapshots/

Setting JAVA_HOME and other variables

Edit the ‘setenv’ file in the bin directory within your FRINX ODL Distribution directory.
Uncomment the relevant line and set the variable as required:

E.g. to set the location of your Java home directory, uncomment the JAVA_HOME variable and point it to the appropriate folder depending on your Java installation:

    export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.8.0_151